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You can Learn to Fly with us!

If you want learn to fly for a career or for hobby or recreational purposes, Phoenix Flying School (incorporating Liverpool Flying School) can cater for your needs.

People from all walks of life have learnt to fly with us.  Teenagers, students, professionals, mums, dads and retirees have successfully qualified for their Recreational Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence or Commercial Pilot Licence.

Flying is more than a new interest.  Flying is a new way of life – it will broaden your horizons and add a completely new dimension to your life.

You always remember the unbelievable experience of YOUR first solo flight!

We can offer something special to anyone interested in aircraft and aviation.  For example, you may have started your flight training elsewhere and would like to finish it with us; or you may already have your Recreational or Private Pilot licence and would like to get endorsed on one of our aircraft; or you may be looking at enhancing or improving your skills with a Night Flying Rating, Commercial Pilot Licence or training as a Flying Instructor.  No matter what your objectives are, we can tailor your flight training to suit your needs.

We are a small, select team of very experienced professionals focussed on helping you become a safe and competent pilot.

The thrill of your first solo flight may be just hours away!!

Phoenix Aero Club has been teaching pilots to fly since 1977.  If you want an airline career, or want to learn to fly professionally just or as a hobby, Phoenix Aero Club’s experienced instructors, aircraft fleet and facilities are for you.  Our  club exists for the benefit of members.  The clubhouse provides social and study facilities.

We operate Phoenix Flying School catering for those seeking pilot licences and endorsements from ab-initio to Recreational, Private and Commercial Pilot Licence level (including Night VFR) and Instructor ratings.  Our Instructors are highly experienced.  We will soon offer online access for CASA examinations.

We are fully certified for Flying Training under the new Civil Aviation Safety Regulations Part 141 operational framework.

Training Materials are available.

Qualified Pilots can hire aircraft (including overnight hire).

Are you concerned with the ever increasing cost of flying? – Phoenix Aero Club is a not-for-profit club and we keep our Flying Costs as low as possible.  .

NEWS:  CASA has updated regulations and legislation for Flight Crew Licensing  – known formally as Civil Aviation Safety Regulation – Part 61, effective 1 September 2014, with a four-year transition period.  The explanatory booklet Part 61 Pilot Licensing can be downloaded here.

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PLEASE NOTE: LAST LIGHT MEANING ‘Night’ is that period between the end of the evening civil twilight and the beginning of the morning civil twilight. For all intents and purposes, first light should be construed as the beginning of civil twilight and last light as the end of civil twilight. The terms ‘sunrise’ and ‘sunset’ have no relevance when calculating day light operating times for the VFR pilot.
NAIPS automatically computes first light and last light. This information can be provided through pilot access, as part of a telephone briefing, or from Flightwatch (AIP GEN 2.7)

Unless the pilot in command holds a command instrument rating or night VFR (NGT VFR) rating and the aircraft is appropriately equipped for flight at night, a VFR flight must not depart from an aerodrome:

    • • before first light or after last light (See Visual Flight Guide) and
    • • unless the ETA for the destination (or alternate) is at least 10 minutes before last light after allowing for any required holding.

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