Learn to Fly with us!

Phoenix Aero Club provides experienced instructors with strong backgrounds to our students to enhance their learning and flying experience. We have accumulated decades of experience in Aviation, ranging from airline operations and management to multi-engine charter pilots.

We love what we do and are thrilled to see new people, students, families, and pilots walk through our front door.

Licence Types

Recreational Pilot Licence (RPL)

The RPL is your first step to an exhilarating career or life long passion. You will learn how to pilot an aircraft safely, from aircraft handling and performance to being able to communicate effectively over the radio.

Private Pilot Licence (PPL)

A PPL allows you to fly anywhere in Australia and gain ratings (including Night VFR and Instrument Ratings) as well as endorsements to fly many exciting new aircraft.

Commercial Pilot Licence (CPL)

The CPL allows you to fly for hire or reward, anywhere in Australia. This licence includes 7 theory assessments and is the first major milestone in your aviation career.

Ratings & Endorsements

Night VFR Rating

Learn how to fly at night under fair weather conditions, to simply take in the view or remove the time pressure of last light.

Flight Instructor Rating

You’ve got your CPL, but now what? Teaching others how to fly is an incredibly rewarding skill and quite likely your first job as a pilot.

Licence Endorsements

Looking to add endorsements onto your licence? Look no further!

Continue to Learn

Aircraft Flight Review

Flight review expired? We can help you renew it, polishing your skills in the process.


Have you learnt to fly under the RAAus system? Do you hold an RPC and want to convert it to an RPL? We can help bring you under the CASA Part 61 system.

Transferring Schools

Looking for a fresh start with us? We can guide you through the process to continue learning to fly with the Phoenix Aero Club.