Welcome to the Phoenix Aero Club!

We are are not-for-profit organisation that operates the Phoenix Flying School (incorporating the former Liverpool Flying School) from our clubhouse and hangar at Camden Airport, in Sydney, Australia!

You can learn to fly with us!

If you want to learn how to fly for a career, hobby, or for recreational purposes, Phoenix Flying School can meet your needs. People of all ages have learnt to fly with us. Teenagers, students, professionals, mums, dads, and retirees have successfully qualified for their Student Pilot Licence, Recreational Pilot Licence, Private Pilot Licence and Commercial Pilot Licence with us! Flying is more than a new interest.  Flying is a new way of life – it will broaden your horizons and add a completely new dimension to your life!

A Trial Instructional Flight (TIF) can be organised for $150 for half hour in any of our club aircraft! Not only will you be given thorough instruction on the basic theory of flying, you will have the opportunity to be in control of the aircraft! Your TIF includes a pre and post flight briefing, and the flight can be logged towards your future flying training hours!

Phoenix Aero Club provides a relaxed, friendly atmosphere for members to come and learn how to fly, as well as to enjoy the social benefits of being part of a club. We have large, modern facilities and regularly hold Sunday BBQ’s at the clubhouse, which has easily the best view of the airport! We encourage members to socialise and spend time at the clubhouse beyond their flight training, allowing them to meet like-minded pilots, as well as hear fascinating stories over lunch from our deep and varied member base. Come down to the club and see for yourself why Phoenix Aero Club is the best fit for your future flying passion! If you want to contact us or our instructors for more information, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or connect with us through Facebook to find out more!

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