All of our instructors at the Phoenix Aero Club are passionate and knowledgeable, and strive to provide an exceptional level of training. When you first meet any of our instructors you will notice their friendliness and approachable demeanour, qualities which are conducive to a strong student-teacher bond.

Ben Holloway - Head of Operations, Chief Pilot

Ben was appointed to the position of Head of Operation, as well as Chief Pilot at the beginning of 2017. He has extensive knowledge of flight training and teaching, also operating a pilot training private tuition business, Sydney Aviation Theory. Ben was previously the Chief Flying Instructor of the Scouts Association of Australia’s Camden based Air Activity Centre until 2016. We are very grateful to have Ben leading the flight training arm of the Phoenix Aero Club.


John Hoore - Grade 1 Instructor

John is a very experienced Grade 1 Instructor, starting his instructing career over 35 years ago. Also from the Scouts Association of Australia’s flying Air Activity Centre in Camden, John was their Chief Flying Instructor and Chief Pilot from 1985 until 2013. Besides holding a Grade 1 Instructor rating in fixed wing aircraft, John has learned how to fly seaplanes in Alaska, and has even obtained his rotary wing PPL!


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