Our Club

Beyond providing flight training, Phoenix Aero Club endeavours to operate an aero club for its members to enjoy. Our goal is to have a tight-knit community of aviators who can come together to enjoy their collective passion! Our clubhouse includes large, modern facilities that supports our great club environment. Alongside running the Phoenix Flying School for flight training, Phoenix Aero Club also works to provide social activities for its members to enjoy. These include:

  • Fly-Aways – We have fly-aways to an airport in a one to two hour range from Camden, or occasionally to further destinations. Fly-aways enable pilots to experience flying outside the Camden circuit and training area, and it is possible for a student to fly in the company of an instructor and experience the opportunity of flying cross-country and landing at different locations.  For others, just flying as a passenger helps sharpen navigation skills. Lunch may be arranged at our destination, and then it is time to return to our aircraft, swap seats and set course for Camden.
  • Flying Competitions – At PAC we also hold flying competitions! The competition itself can vary from many different tasks such as manoeuvring, or even to see who can ‘grease the runway’! These competitions will involve the club instructors judging who performs the best.
  • Trivia Events – Are you an aviation history buff? Come and test your skills against other PAC members during trivia afternoons held at the club. We are aiming to hold regular trivia events for you to share your knowledge as well. You might even learn something new!
  • Social and Networking BBQ’s – It’s not what you know, but who you know! Come for a delicious BBQ lunch, and get to know other members of the Phoenix Aero Club. It’s a casual get-together, and you’ll be able to chat with like-minded pilots, and share stories of your best flying experiences!

We are aiming to hold a social BBQ on the second Sunday of every month, where we can all get together and chat about our shared passion. Other events will be worked into the day, for example a flying competition in the morning, followed by lunch. We would love to have members come down to the club and fire up the BBQ every Sunday in the future!

Whilst our BBQ’s will be open to all and we encourage you to bring family and friends, other club events (e.g. a fly-away) will be aimed towards club members. Join the Phoenix Aero Club today and enjoy the social benefits of the aero club, as well as receiving a generous discount off our published hiring rates on all aircraft!

Club Membership

We invite students and licensed pilots who have spent some time with us flying, socialising, and making the most of our club to join us and become a member. Membership applicants are required to list two current PAC members who are willing to recommend the prospective member be accepted. We encourage prospective members join us on the weekends to fly and socialise with our members and instructors, meeting new people and making potentially life-long friendships.

The Phoenix Aero Club is a not-for-profit organisation and is run entirely by volunteers. Enthusiasm towards club activities and willingness to help out, from small tasks such as helping push the planes back into their parking spots, lending a hand washing the aircraft, or helping run the lunchtime BBQ are attributes that we look for in our members. As they say, many hands make light work. Not only will you benefit from a  great social atmosphere and strong network of like-minded pilots, associate members also receive a generous discount on the hourly flying rates.

Membership Requirements

  • New Pilots are required to fly with us for a minimum of 5 hours (or 5 lessons if you’re a student) before applying.
  • As part of the application, find two current PAC members who are willing to endorse your membership. 
  • In exchange for receiving a discounted flying rate there is the expectation that you will be an active volunteer around the club during working bees and assist the daily function of our club.

The Phoenix Aero Club offers multiple types of club memberships to suit the variety of members that make up our community. New students and patrons can apply to become a Social or Associate Member of the Phoenix Aero Club. Please read the following list to understand the benefits and entitlements of each membership type.

Social Membership: This is a non-flying type membership that affords the member the privileges of being part of the Phoenix Aero Club. This membership class is aimed towards the family of flying members, recognising their important contribution to our club in support of their spouses and loved ones who are actively engaged in learning how to fly or enjoying the privileges of their pilot licences. We want to include those that help to make the club, your club. Social members have access to the club newsletter and are invited to all of the club’s social activities and club days. Social members do not receive voting rights at the club AGM, and are not eligible to stand for election to the club committee. There is a small yearly fee for this membership.

Associate Membership: This is a basic flying-type membership for student pilots undertaking flight training and licensed pilots hiring our club aircraft. Associate members are entitled to a generous discount off all hourly rates for aircraft hire. Associate members do not receive voting rights at the club AGM, and are not eligible to stand for election to the club committee. There is a yearly fee for this membership.

To encourage the next generation of pilots, the Phoenix Aero Club is proud to wave the yearly membership fee for Associate Members under the age of 18. These members will still receive the hourly flying discount, and we hope that this encourages our younger students to realise their dreams and obtain their pilots licences. We acknowledge that aviation can be an expensive industry to get started in and with the burden of buying text books and equipment, obtaining a medical check and other associated costs, we hope this encourages you down the path of aviation. 

Full Membership: Over time, with a demonstration of passion and devotion to the club, be it through helping around the clubhouse with day to day tasks, e.g. help cleaning the aircraft, running the BBQ for lunch, or volunteering to providing assistance to the club’s operations in some capacity, you may be offered a Full Membership. This will entrust you with voting rights at the club’s AGM, at which the club committee is elected. A full membership also allows you to stand for election to the club committee. Full members also still receive the flying discount.

We encourage new members to embrace the club atmosphere and make the most of what the Phoenix Aero Club can offer you. We want our club to be filled with like-minded members who have the club’s best interest at heart. We hope that you share our passion for aviation and help to ensure that our club can continue to exist well into the future.

When you are ready, fill in the form below and bring it along to a Sunday BBQ to present to a committee member.

FBO Services for Aircraft Owners

Check back soon for more information here on what we can provide you as an aircraft owner and operator at Camden. In the meantime, get in touch with us via email.

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