See the common questions we often get asked! These might help answer some of your burning questions.

There are no prerequisites to start your flying training. As you progress through
your training, we will ensure you have everything you need. But to get started you
don’t need anything.

There is actually no minimum age to commence your training. However, you will
need to be 15 before your first solo, so it is not really recommended to do too
much training until your are close to your 15th birthday. If you wish to start at a
young age this is no problem, but we will have to make sure you are tall enough to
reach the rudder pedals and see out the windscreen.

You don’t need a text book right away, but if you are keen to progress, the sooner you get one the better. We recommend either the Bob Tait RPL/PPL series or the Aviation Theory Centre (ATC) BAK book. The amount of study you do depends on the individual. In most cases, students learn by themselves at home from their textbook, and in a social group environment at the club before and after their lesson, but we do have regularly scheduled theory classes to help you.

You do not need a medical to start your flying training. A medical is required to fly
solo and this normally happens after 10 – 15 lessons. If you have any doubts about
your ability to obtain a medical it could be a good idea to talk to a Designated Aviation Medical Examiner so that you know you can continue.

For more information, visit casa.gov.au/aviation-medicals

Most of our students fly once a week (weather permitting). But flying every fortnight is also very effective. We recommend doing your first 6 – 10 lessons weekly or fortnightly. The important thing is to just have fun and fly whenever you can.

No, it is your choice as to whether you also join as a member. If you are under 18
you qualify for free membership until your 18th birthday. Most students choose to become a member of the club so they can enjoy the facilities that we offer even

If you are interested in finding out more, please visit us at the club on a Sunday
between 9am and 2pm and see what it is all about. We fly 7 days a week, but
Sunday is the best day to come down and speak with us to get started. You can
see our wonderful clubhouse, speak with current students, instructors and club
members and enjoy the best view of the runway Camden Airport has to offer. We
even have a BBQ every second Sunday of the month!!

As we are a not for profit club run by volunteers, we are able to keep our costs to a minimum. A one hour lesson with an instructor is currently about $385 for members which includes everything including airport landing fees and control tower fees. Sometimes a lesson may go slightly over or under an hour and you pay accordingly.

Obviously wear clothing appropriate to the weather on the day. Camden gets very
cold on winter mornings and very hot on summer days. You will need enclosed
footwear. Joggers/runners etc are perfect but thongs, high heels or bare feet are
not. A good pair of sunglasses are a good accessory to have!

Unfortunately flying is an outdoor activity that relies on certain aspects of the weather being suitable. The main thing that will stop us flying is low visibility, which occurs with fog, rain and low cloud. Strong winds can also stop us flying certain lessons or at very least make it uncomfortable and not much fun. And flying, especially at the Phoenix Aero Club is all about having fun!
Yes, it has been for well over 40 years! Although we pride ourselves on a fun, friendly and social environment, we are also very proud that our instructors are amongst the most experienced in the industry. Therefore we not only train pilots for recreational and private licences, but we train commercial pilots and instructors too. We hold a CASA CASR Part 141 training organisation certificate.

No, we do not offer any training under the Recreational Aviation Australia (RAAus) System. We are a CASA Part 141 Training Organisation, and use VH registered, certified aircraft for flight training.

No, we don’t. Our students pay for each lesson at the completion of that flight. We
don’t require any up front payments, it is all pay as you go. We do not have any
contracts or block flying time pre-payment systems.

No, at the moment we are unable to accommodate this request. All non-Australian residents are most welcome to train with us but we cannot assist with your visa. We always have many students from all over the world training with us who are already in Australia for their employment or study elsewhere.