Trial Introductory Flight

Have you been thinking about whether flying is for you then why not try a Trial Introductory Flight?

A Trial Introductory Flight (TIF) gives you a genuine introduction to the joys of flying and is the first step in your aviation journey.

These TIFs are a great way to experience the air as the person flying and make a great gift!


Looking for an exhilarating experience that will leave you feeling on top of the world? This is your chance to get behind the controls of a light aircraft and feel the rush of flying first-hand.

Your Trial Introductory Flight starts with a pre-flight briefing that introduces you to the parts of the plane that makes it fly and where you are going to go.

You can then experience a flight in the local area where you will get an opportunity to take the controls under the guidance of an experienced instructor. Have plenty of time to fly the plane yourself and take as many photos of your first experience behind the controls!

After the flight you will get to talk through your flight experience with your instructor and ask any extra questions.


  • Arrive 45 minutes before your flight and enjoy the facilities we have. Enjoy complimentary tea, coffee, and biscuits while you take in the airside view of Camden Airport. Have a chat with the other pilots, students, and instructors.
  • Meet with your instructor 15 minutes before departure who will take you through all the details of your flight. Pick where you want to go and what to see! Learn the basics of the aircraft and how the plane flies.
  • Take-off the aircraft from Camden with you behind the controls! Spend plenty of time flying the plane yourself.
  • Enjoy the views of the areas surrounding Camden, taking photos of you in the pilot seat flying the plane.
  • Land back at Camden and head inside a short post-flight discussion and enjoy some refreshments.
  • Have your photo take infront of the aircraft and take home a certificate celebrating your first trial flight.


Package Inclusions Cost
First Flight Ever!
  • Detailed Pre-flight Briefing
  • 45 minute flight in a C172 or PA28
  • Certificate of Experience
  • A Pilot Logbook and Pen
  • A Phoenix Lanyard for your ASIC
  • Complementary refreshments and snacks
Mini Taster Flight
  • Detailed Pre-flight Briefing
  • 45 minute flight in a C172 or PA28
  • Certificate of Experience
  • Complementary refreshments and snacks